RRRealizations in Architecture (end of 2010): personal notes

Last quarter,  I chose taking "Advanced Parametric Design" class in lieu of 'History of Urban Forms'';  this decision had unexpectedly deciphered a very critical riddle that kept me in limbo the past years via the stroke of my sketches, my concepts and goals;  that all I have put my faith in belonged to a rising genre of thinking, a single genome of correlation in architecture. All of my questions and interests are put into one basket ( Biomimickry. Math.Patterns in form, culture, behaviour, and music. 3d. rendering. Legato and Arpeggio scales and progression(guitar).Research and Development. Performative Skins. the question of "Pi". Tectonics.)

Everythings certain now. I found home.

Who would know that these things are all blanketed by a single entity: Algorithms.

Now I just needed to figure out the rest knowing that I'm taking the right steps... everything else will follow.