Musings in Architecture (and other aspects in life)

1. Do not overanalyze, overrate or be stuck on a single project, a building has a moment to shine on its own; if that  window passes and nothing happens, chances are that the audience didn't buy your shit. Move on.

2. Learn to be methodological: Conceptualize, Draw, Build, Coordinate, Bill. Repeat.

3. There are no friends in the architectural business. Each has to be his own businessman. If you feel the need to have one,then  go to church.

4. We have not moved on from Modernism. 

5. Take criticisms like a grain of salt, that also goes with commendations.

6. Master the art of shelving previous tasks and moving on to the next. 

7. There's a thin line between vanity and efficiency in Architecture.

8.  .. and also, we shouldn't be stuck on the Conceptual Phase too long to the point that we have deluded ourselves thinking that were saving the world

9. At the end of the day, the one who builds gets the money.