the importance of Mapping and Abstract

Representations. .

Mapping and Abstract exercises extracts out arbitrary but often critical information that are often missed out by casual and straightforward research.

Oftentimes, the influence of derivations, process and research do not hold a high level of importance to architectural firms due to their painstaking process and would cost billable hours to a seemingly " non- productive" discourse. Or maybe perhaps, such process is tailored to those who can mentally afford to do so. 

Sadly, the precedents of good architecture do not fit the capitalist nature of most business models. It again boils down to one thing-- do we need a habitable space ? or architecture. 

The most important elements of the process are the intangibles. 

Architectural Startup Costs

my home office setup...

my home office setup...

Starting your own firm is a daunting task, especially if you’re not completely sure of what you’re getting yourself into. Author Mark LePage, founder of Entrepreneur Architect knows this firsthand. This guide, originally published on Entrepreneur Architect, discusses the financial implications of starting your own firm and acts as a guide through the challenge, leading you to success. 

Mark LePage. "How Much Will It Cost to Start My Own Architecture Firm?"