De Grisogono

Team: DP Architects

Year:  2008

Location:  Geneve, Switzerland

Program: Headquarters, closed competition


de Grisogono SA is a company  based in Plan-les- Oates, Switzerland,that engages in the retail of jewelry, watches and gemstones. Its products include ear rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, and accessories. It sells its products through stores located in Switzerland.


The program calls for an architecture that speaks of de Grisogono’s legacy and foundation. 

We have thought of the black diamond, one of the rarest gem in the world, as the form generator of this project. Such gem implies strong characteristics related to elegance, longevity and strength; all reflecting de Grisogono’s image as a strong force in the industry.


Two main spatial volumes define the proposal: the main building and the ‘shaded’ exterior Gallery.

As the climate of Geneva could oftentimes be  cold and rainy, protecting the outdoor gallery from these elements would bring a feeling of outside without the compromise brought by the weather. The protective membrane will define its final form, which is the black diamond.