SMOE Office

Team: DP Architects

Year:  2007

Location:  Singapore

Program: Industrial Office Building 









The client assigned an existing warehouse lot located on an industrial zone to be demolished and redeveloped to cater an office building and parking lot. The original scheme was set to cater approx 150 workers within the given sufficient space. However, latest requirements called for more occupancy load up to approx. 300 people on the same space.The challenge was an obvious one. In this case, I have reapproached the  form concept by stripping off angles and curves that eats up floor area until what was left off was the essentials .The resulting concept was reduced to the simple Workspace-Spine- Public Areas” approach. This is of which all of the alotted zones are strictly organized and arranged formally to complement a rather Purist approach of an exterior architecture. The level of demand in productivity and activity, along with possible play on the inside, calls for an architecture that frees up spaces by eliminating the interior columns and placing them outside.