Urban Symbiosis

Team: Constantine Ronquillo, Se Jin Jang

Year:  2010

Location:  Santa Monica, CA

Program: Masterplan , Park, Residential, Commercial, Performance spaces

The ambition of an urban concept such as this is not solely on the development of underused site but also provision of urban elements and improvements that will widely benefit the whole area. A development that is not self-serving and self-centered but morphed into serving the larger urban ecosystem- an urban symbiosis.

Santa Monica’s Pacific beach and its famed pier has been the city’s prime representation since it was developed during the 1875. As its success nurtures its own unique Ecological environment  (of culture, people, time and activities), there remains an arbitrary disconnection between the beach populace and the rest of the city.

Ten years ago, the redesign of the Third Street Promenade, improvements of the Santa Monica Pier, the Beach, Palisades Park further demonstrated efforts to develop adjacent underutilized lands within the area. This led for the city government to make use of one of its prime lots, converting it to a public space

The site is a goverment-acquired lot located right in the middle of the said landmarks and was primarily intended to be developed as a park. We ought to assimilate critical thinking, reinvestigate the disconnectivities in the urban fabric and arrive with the most viable solution concurrent to the urban issues that surrounds the site. 

The given circumstances and program allow greater flexibility in design and opportunities. As the imperatives seem to be limitless, the concept has resorted to an organic approach/ natural selection of the better combination of solutions.